Buenos Aires, Argentina

On our charter flight from La Zona back to Buenos Aires the pilot taught George how to fly the plane.
The people of Argentina are what makes it so special.

On our charter flight from La Zona back to Buenos Aires the pilot taught George how to fly the plane.

Upon our initial arrival in Buenos Aires the first thing I noticed was how European the people looked compared to the other Spanish speaking countries I have visited. I immediately noticed how kind, considerate and well organized everyone seamed to be. One example was how prompt and orderly the luggage arrived from the plane and how orderly and considerate everyone was collecting their baggage. It was quite refreshing.

This entire trip went very well for us. The people of Argentina are wonderful and all the food was very good. The only thing I didn’t like was how fast the cars, including buses and taxies, drove in the city of Buenos Aires. They could save a lot of money by not painting lane lines because nobody observes them.

There are many good restaurants in Buenos Aires to choose from and most are very reasonably priced. Argentina is a major beef producer and I was told they produce the best beef in the world.

This was a fishing vacation and most of our time was spent in Northern Argentina. The last portion of this trip gave George and I three days to relax and recuperate in Buenos Aires. On day one we enjoyed a lengthy guided tour of the city. We visited several public buildings, churches and the grave yard that housed Eva Peron along with touring several historic neighborhoods. Throughout the tour we learned about the great history of Argentina. On the second day we travel by fast ferry across the river to a sleepy little colonial town in Uruguay for lunch. The third day was a Sunday and we spent it going around town and walking through several flea markets. One flea market specialized in antique items and the others were mainly local artists selling their paintings, jewelry, wood carvings and other unique items they produced.

Argentina is a large and beautiful vacation destination offering vast geographical diversity. In the two short weeks I enjoyed there I realized that I only experienced a very small portion of this beautiful country and its wonderful people.